Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ching Ming

We wake up 6am , we are late, we overslept this morning,we should be there by 6.45am.
We leave our house at 6.30am drop by to pickup mum in law and as usual hubby treat the road as if in the race track, thank god 6.50am we reach the entrance road to the Hokkien cemetry at OKR save and sound as we turn in to the narrow road it already jammed up.

8.05am we manage to get in which is a 5 min drive from the entrance to the grave of our ancestor.

Ching ming or the grave sweeping day, sons,unmarried daughter, daughter in law, grandchildren visit the grave of their ancestor, they clean the grave,offer food for the ancestor.
Those day our mother were bring homecook meal to offer, now we bring KFC,instant coffee,pack nasi lemak and also offer money, clothes etc..

Thing we prepare for this year Ching Ming.
Suit case to stack money, visa, passport etc..etc

Brand..ed bag

Abalone,bird nest,"Mabtell"VSOP

They even have osim chain, majong or custom make product.
"sigh" hard earn money burn.

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Kimberly Low said...

wah i havent been there a few years already. why never tell me? tot wanna join this year -__-