Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Steam mince meat with 3 type of eggs

A simple fast and easy dish,what you need

2 eggs
1 century egg
1 salty egg
150 gram mince pork meat
1 tbsp corn flour
2 thsp oyster sauce
1 thsp light sauce
1tsp sesame oil
1/4 cup water
1/4 tsp pepper

marinate meat with oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper, light sauce and corn flour (corn flour help to tender the meat)

cut the century egg, salty egg york in small cube then mix the meat and all the egg together with water, mix well

cook your rice and steam it together with the rice cooker.
both cook at the same time

and here done, simple and easy and yummy.. try it

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pan Mee

A simple homecook pan mee, in my younger day my mum use to cook min fun mee (flour mee) is like nowadays "pan mee" or "pork mee" @ chu yoke fun, those day we use an empty bottle as a roller to roll the dough and then cut it into strip of course now you can use that handy mee cutter.

What you need(4 to 5 person).

1 pk flour (1kg)
400gram ikan bilis
600gram mince lean meat (pork or chicken breast)
10pcs black chinese mushroom (sock in water till soft-cut own preference)
2pcs hard chinese fungus (sock in water till soft cut to tiny strip)
300 to 400 gram vegetable(own preference)
2 tbsp ground garlic (own preference)
cooking oil
1 to 2 eggs
5 to 6 tbsp osyter sauce
2 tbsp dark soya sauce
2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp artificial vinegar

The ikan bilis

Stir fry the ikan bilis (1/2 cup oil) till golden brown in slow fire.
keep aside half for the soup,the balance ikan bilis add in the vinegar to make it more crunchy.

The mince meat

3 tbsp oil-stir fry mushroom with 1 tsp mince garlic for 1 to 2 min so that the mushroom are more tender,add in the fungus and the meat fry for 2 mins,add in the dark sauce and osyter sauce fry another 2 mins then add in 1 cup of water and let it stew till it look thickens.

The soup

boil the ikan bilis in 6 to 7L of water for about 30 min in slow fire, you can add in cubes too.

The dough

use about 800gram of flour, add in 2tsp salt, eggs and water mix the flour till it become dough, add in 3 tbsp cooking oil, mix well, sprinkle some of the balance flour onto the dough then cover it and leave it for at least 30 min so that it were turn out soften and smoother.Your own preference for the shape of the mee.

The vegetable

add in last before you serve

Of course the chili

your own preference, my are mince chili padi with garlic and lime

Homecook Pan Mee

Yummy yummy....

Try it..very simple.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ching Ming

We wake up 6am , we are late, we overslept this morning,we should be there by 6.45am.
We leave our house at 6.30am drop by to pickup mum in law and as usual hubby treat the road as if in the race track, thank god 6.50am we reach the entrance road to the Hokkien cemetry at OKR save and sound as we turn in to the narrow road it already jammed up.

8.05am we manage to get in which is a 5 min drive from the entrance to the grave of our ancestor.

Ching ming or the grave sweeping day, sons,unmarried daughter, daughter in law, grandchildren visit the grave of their ancestor, they clean the grave,offer food for the ancestor.
Those day our mother were bring homecook meal to offer, now we bring KFC,instant coffee,pack nasi lemak and also offer money, clothes etc..

Thing we prepare for this year Ching Ming.
Suit case to stack money, visa, passport etc..etc

Brand..ed bag

Abalone,bird nest,"Mabtell"VSOP

They even have osim chain, majong or custom make product.
"sigh" hard earn money burn.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The washing machine

A friend call up the other day checking on my washing machine, she ask me a few question:

Friend - How old is your w/machine?
Me - not very sure, purchase sometime in 2003/2004.

Friend -How much?
Me -not very sure around rm1000++

Friend - What brand?
Me - Brand name.

How big the machine(load)?
Me - 8.5kg

How come 8.5kg and not 10 kg?
Me - 8.5kg is big enough for my family.

Friend -After washing does the clothes have wrinkle?
Me -of course ther's wrinkle, my w/machine don't have iron inside.

Friend - are the clothes look clean?
Me - of course is clean, why your w/machine dirty all your clothes.

Friend - Yah lah, how you know?
Me - i dunno i guess only.

Friend - did you wash your w/machine?
Me - ha, how to wash the w/machine, you call the electrician to clean it?

Friend - no, i do myself.
Me - How?

Friend - easy only, pour in some bleach and washing powder then put to wash.
Me - O..(something loose in her head).

Friend - after washing the w/machine then i wash my clothes it still not clean, it had tiny white patches on the clothes.
Me - call someone to check or buy a new one.

p/s: girl, i think you can guess who's this "friend".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

18th Birthdays

Yesterday 11th March is Nicklaus,my younger son's birthday and on the same day SPM result out.The name "Nicklaus"come from "Jack Nicklaus" the US golfer, one of his daddy most favourite idol golfer. I wonder if Nicklaus is born 8 years later maybe he's now call "Tiger" or "Wood".

The daddy brought a 1/2kg cake for show show only because everyone were be full after dinner.We go for Thai food,Nicklaus favourite food are otat otat,steam siakap, tom yam but yesterday my lil boy told his daddy to order what we like and not his favourite food because he don't feel like eating(eat dragon meat also no taste).

Well,I notice his eyes look a bit puffy, he got thru his SPM but was not satisfied with the result. He feel disappointed and he feel he let us down.

Nicklaus if u are reading this, remember we all love you ,we know you have done your best, you did well,those alphabet is not important, most important you PASS.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green, Green,Green.. I Pink up the phone and say "Yellow"

I work for this beauty company almost 16 years as a customer relation officer. Daily we deal we ppl either thur call in or walk in, some years back we launch a whitenen product for face,like always ppl start to call in for infor.
Here's one of tele-convesation between an indian man and me:

ME: Good afternoon, company name, me speaking, can i help u.

MAN: Yah, i want 2 ask u , that xxx product really can white our skin ah?

ME: may i know who is that on the line and calling from where?

MAN: nvm my name,i call from Klang, i just want 2 know how fast the skin can go white like yr skin.

ME: (thinking 2 myself, how u know my skin white or dark)o..MR my skin is not white,is skin color..

MAN: u chinese girl right!

ME: yes i'm a chinese..

MAN: yalah.. all chinese girl got white skin.

ME: OK, MR if u think so, MR what else u wish to know about our product.

MAN: this xxx cream can use on body or not.

ME: body we hv body cream, this xxx cream are for face only.

MAN: but i want to use for DOWN THERE.

ME:(OK, another pysco calling)ah.. MR this xxx cream is for face only not for body, for body u can try our xxx body whitenen cream.(pretend not to understand what he trying said)

MAN: NO!! u dun understand, i live in Klang, the india women there all very black,u know or not, their DOWN THERE all very black, so i want to use it on them to make it white.

ME: MR..we had personal care product xxx wash

MAN: NO,NO i want cream to apply down there, u know down there, for sex want!!

won't be answering him and pass the call to our security dept, for them to handle.

This's 1 of those crank call i received, more to come later.. almost everyday we received at least 1 such call, some are funny, some are real irritating.

Frankly speaking, crank call are much easier to handle then those ppl who think they are more educated trying to speak like a person without tongue or tongue been be burn by hot drink or speak and roll their tongue at same time and yet feel very proud bcos they hv become "mat salleh celup".This kind of ppl really make my blood go upstair..

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bilateral Fibroadenomas

Back from my quarterly check up at Assunta Hospital, i have been following up this check up since year 2000. The Doc or rather myself want to monitor this lump (fibroid) on my right breast, every 6 months i have an ultra sound done to confirm ther's no changes in size or shape.

Why ultra sound and not mammogram screening actually mammogram is for early detection, but for ppl like myself who's already hv the lump is not advisable to do mammogram because it will be very painful when that machine compressed yr breast.
I did mammogram once and the pain i endure..omg

Fibroadenomas is some sort of mass breast tissue not properly form and it rather common for women to has it but the risk is still there.

Do self examination monthly 5 day after yr 'p' it take less than 5 min and that's how i found out mine...