Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green, Green,Green.. I Pink up the phone and say "Yellow"

I work for this beauty company almost 16 years as a customer relation officer. Daily we deal we ppl either thur call in or walk in, some years back we launch a whitenen product for face,like always ppl start to call in for infor.
Here's one of tele-convesation between an indian man and me:

ME: Good afternoon, company name, me speaking, can i help u.

MAN: Yah, i want 2 ask u , that xxx product really can white our skin ah?

ME: may i know who is that on the line and calling from where?

MAN: nvm my name,i call from Klang, i just want 2 know how fast the skin can go white like yr skin.

ME: (thinking 2 myself, how u know my skin white or dark)o..MR my skin is not white,is skin color..

MAN: u chinese girl right!

ME: yes i'm a chinese..

MAN: yalah.. all chinese girl got white skin.

ME: OK, MR if u think so, MR what else u wish to know about our product.

MAN: this xxx cream can use on body or not.

ME: body we hv body cream, this xxx cream are for face only.

MAN: but i want to use for DOWN THERE.

ME:(OK, another pysco calling)ah.. MR this xxx cream is for face only not for body, for body u can try our xxx body whitenen cream.(pretend not to understand what he trying said)

MAN: NO!! u dun understand, i live in Klang, the india women there all very black,u know or not, their DOWN THERE all very black, so i want to use it on them to make it white.

ME: MR..we had personal care product too...eg xxx wash

MAN: NO,NO i want cream to apply down there, u know down there, for sex want!!

won't be answering him and pass the call to our security dept, for them to handle.

This's 1 of those crank call i received, more to come later.. almost everyday we received at least 1 such call, some are funny, some are real irritating.

Frankly speaking, crank call are much easier to handle then those ppl who think they are more educated trying to speak like a person without tongue or tongue been be burn by hot drink or speak and roll their tongue at same time and yet feel very proud bcos they hv become "mat salleh celup".This kind of ppl really make my blood go upstair..


Kimberly Low said...

lolololol so he doesnt like down there black

Eric said...

OMG Thats so funnyyyy!!!

Hahaha how i wish i had prank calls also!!!