Monday, March 8, 2010

Bilateral Fibroadenomas

Back from my quarterly check up at Assunta Hospital, i have been following up this check up since year 2000. The Doc or rather myself want to monitor this lump (fibroid) on my right breast, every 6 months i have an ultra sound done to confirm ther's no changes in size or shape.

Why ultra sound and not mammogram screening actually mammogram is for early detection, but for ppl like myself who's already hv the lump is not advisable to do mammogram because it will be very painful when that machine compressed yr breast.
I did mammogram once and the pain i endure..omg

Fibroadenomas is some sort of mass breast tissue not properly form and it rather common for women to has it but the risk is still there.

Do self examination monthly 5 day after yr 'p' it take less than 5 min and that's how i found out mine...

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