Thursday, March 11, 2010

18th Birthdays

Yesterday 11th March is Nicklaus,my younger son's birthday and on the same day SPM result out.The name "Nicklaus"come from "Jack Nicklaus" the US golfer, one of his daddy most favourite idol golfer. I wonder if Nicklaus is born 8 years later maybe he's now call "Tiger" or "Wood".

The daddy brought a 1/2kg cake for show show only because everyone were be full after dinner.We go for Thai food,Nicklaus favourite food are otat otat,steam siakap, tom yam but yesterday my lil boy told his daddy to order what we like and not his favourite food because he don't feel like eating(eat dragon meat also no taste).

Well,I notice his eyes look a bit puffy, he got thru his SPM but was not satisfied with the result. He feel disappointed and he feel he let us down.

Nicklaus if u are reading this, remember we all love you ,we know you have done your best, you did well,those alphabet is not important, most important you PASS.

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