Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The washing machine

A friend call up the other day checking on my washing machine, she ask me a few question:

Friend - How old is your w/machine?
Me - not very sure, purchase sometime in 2003/2004.

Friend -How much?
Me -not very sure around rm1000++

Friend - What brand?
Me - Brand name.

How big the machine(load)?
Me - 8.5kg

How come 8.5kg and not 10 kg?
Me - 8.5kg is big enough for my family.

Friend -After washing does the clothes have wrinkle?
Me -of course ther's wrinkle, my w/machine don't have iron inside.

Friend - are the clothes look clean?
Me - of course is clean, why your w/machine dirty all your clothes.

Friend - Yah lah, how you know?
Me - i dunno i guess only.

Friend - did you wash your w/machine?
Me - ha, how to wash the w/machine, you call the electrician to clean it?

Friend - no, i do myself.
Me - How?

Friend - easy only, pour in some bleach and washing powder then put to wash.
Me - O..(something loose in her head).

Friend - after washing the w/machine then i wash my clothes it still not clean, it had tiny white patches on the clothes.
Me - call someone to check or buy a new one.

p/s: girl, i think you can guess who's this "friend".


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Anonymous said...

Actually it is possible to wash your machine. The washing machine does get dirty as we use it so in some shops you can buy washing machine tablets to wash your machine itself. Our detergent usually causes build up and makes the washing machine less effective. If the washing machine is dirty, then the clothes won't be as clean.

Siew Mee said...

Anonymous: thank, should let her know